Loco Roster

Listed below are the locomotives or diesel units rostered for the next weeks services.

Whilst every effort will made to ensure that the advised motive power is available, the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway reserve the right to change this when operational circumstances so dictate.

For past locomotive rosters, visit News@KWVR where there is a full list of all the published rosters for weeks gone by

Locomotive Roster for 23rd & 24th December 2016

The last Santa Steam Specials of 2016 will be hauled by 5820 and 25 059 before our volunteers take a break on Christmas Day and then 75078 will be at the head of Mince Pie Specials from Boxing Day and into 2017.

Locomotive Roster for the Weekend 17th & 18th December 2016

The 4th weekend of our Santa Steam Specials will see 90733 at the head on the climb up the Valley and diesel 25 059 and the Keighley end. It is our annual Carol Service Train on Saturday evening when 90733 will once again be at its head.

Locomotive Roster for Weekend 10th & 11th December 2016

The trains have been full to capacity and will be once again this weekend with steam haulage in the hands of 90733 both days with 25 059 providing the power downhill.

Locomotive Roster for the 24th & 26th December 2015 – 3rd January 2016

The last Santa Steam Special operates on Christmas Eve behind 75078 and then, with a break on Christmas Day, it's steam every day with the Mince Pie Specials using 75078 and 5820

Locomotive Roster for the Weekend 19th & 20th December 2015

Two steam and two diesel locomotives plus a diesel railcar will be in operation this weekend for the last of the Santa Steam Special weekends.

Locomotive Roster for the Weekend 12th & 13th December 2015

75078 and 90733 will provide the power for the Santa Steam Specials this weekend in what could be another mixed weather weekend with even the possibility of snow being forecast.

Locomotive Roster for the Weekend 5th & 6th December 2015

Traction for this weekend will be 75078 / 37 075 and 90733 / 20 031 for the second weekend of the 2016 Santa Steam Specials