Locomotives & Rolling Stock

Over 30 locomotives are based at the KWVR. Most can be seen by visitors, but some are housed away from public view whilst under restoration for future use.

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British Railways Mark 1 Open Corridor Coach

The British Railways Mark 1 Coach is the regular coach of choice for the service trains, of which the open corridor coach gives access through the train

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British Railways Mark 1 Brake Open Corridor Coach

The brake version of the BR Mark1 corridor coach for long distance services.

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British Railways Mark 1 Converted Open Corridor Buffet Coach

Converted from a standard open coach, this buffet car can regularly be seen on service trains servicing snacks and drinks, that includes real ale.

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British Railways Mark 1 Compartment Coach

The 9 compartment compartment coach was the standard commuter coach into and out of cities.

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British Railways Mark 1 Non-gangwayed Lavatory Composite Coach

Suburban travel for the wealthy businessman who is looking for a touch of 'luxury' is provided in this composite coach.

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British Railways Mark 1 Open Lavatory Coach

Greater facilities for the longer distance commuter were provided on these outer suburban services coach.

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British Railways Mark 1 Brake Compartment Coach

The brake version of the 9 compartment suburban carriage

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British Railways Mark 1 Converted Open Corridor Bar Car

A coach to complement the Pullman carriages, this Open coach now serves as a 'The Jubilee Bar' on a special trains.

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Parlour Third Pullman Cars

Diners can travel in the luxury of train travel of a bygone era on board the Railway's two Pullman coaches.

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British Railways Mark 1 Restaurant Kitchen Coach

Food preparation on the Railway's dining trains is undertaken in a purpose built kitchen car. Although not the biggest kitchen for a chef to work in, the food is superb!

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Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Coaches

The vintage coaches of the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Trust form the basis of the Railway's Vintage Train.

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British Railways Mark 1 Restaurant Miniature Buffet

Of the two buffet cars on the Railway, only one is currently in use, as the station buffet at Oxenhope.

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British Railways Mark 1 Restaurant Miniature Buffet no. 1836

Buffet car no. 1836 is in Oxenhope carriage workshops for major roof and bodywork repairs.

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British Railways Mark 1 Open Corridor Coach no. 4467

Open Coach no. 4467 is receiving much need attention at Oxenhope.

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Midland Railway 6 Wheeled Composite, no. 358

The only Midland Railway carriage on our Midland Railway branch line, 358 is now on the road to recovery.

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Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway 6 Wheeled 4 Compartment First, no. 279

Another L&YRT triumph in the making with the return of another derelict coach back to pristine condition.

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Vintage Carriages Trust Coaches

Vintage carriages Trust have a wonderful fleet of historic carriages in their Museum of Rail Travel, a few of which see occasional use on special trains.

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LMS 9 Compartment Third Class Carriage

These two LMS 9 Compartment coaches are the last of their type in preservation.

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British Railways Mark 1 Brake Compartment Coach, no. 43145

6 compartment brake suburban coach awaiting attention from the restoration team.

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Breakdown and Civil Engineering Cranes

There are 4 rail mounted cranes on the Railway the most impressive of which are the two 50 ton breakdown cranes.

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Goods Wagons and Non-Passenger Vehicles

The Railway has a large wagon fleet, some of which can be seen on demonstration freight trains or out with the Civil Maintenance team.

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