Locomotive Roster for Weekend 10th & 11th and Weekdays 12th – 16th February 2018

It is the schools’ half term this week, so steam passenger services will be running Saturday right through to Friday. with a two train service Wednesday to Friday to coincide with Paddington’s arrival on the 14th & 15th. The steam locomotive through the week will be no. 85, with the second loco not yet agreed for Wednesday – Friday. Continue reading

Firstly an apology for the lack of a notification of the roster for last weekend. With maintenance being carried out on the original rostered locomotive still ongoing, it was not possible to determine the engine in time to send out a post and it was an 11th hour decision to use Standard 4MT 4-6-0 75078 in its stead.

No such problems (hopefully) this week with TVR Class o2 0-6-2T no. 85 rostered for a 4 coach set Saturday, right through to Friday with mid-week running on the timetable for the schools’ half term. The Saturday morning and all day Sunday diesel service will be in the hands of our diesel railbus M79964.

With Paddington arriving on the Railway Wednesday and Thursday, there will be a 2 train steam service Wednesday – Friday. Unfortunately the second locomotive has not been determined as this notification goes out. Keep an eye out on the website and social media for updates.

For the timetables in operation this weekend, please click HERE to visit the main website.

Whilst every effort will made to ensure that the advised motive power is available, the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway reserve the right to change this when operational circumstances so dictate.