‘Flying Scotsman’ – 9 Days on the KWVR

April 1st 2017 will long be remembered in the Worth Valley as the day that started a magnificent 9 days with the world’s most famous stream locomotive, ‘Flying Scotsman’. Starting with 2 days on static display at Ingrow West Station, this was followed by 7 days of action with ‘Flying Scotsman’ hauling trains every day between Keighley and Oxenhope. Everyone involved with the KWVR take great pride in delivering this memorable occasion and this photographic gallery is a wonderful reminder on one week at the beginning of April 2017.

Almost 400 images have been gratefully received and have been whittled down to just under 200 representing a cross section of styles, views and locations, cataloguing Saturday 1st - Sunday 9th April, 9 amazing and never to be forgotten days with the most famous locomotive in the world 60103, 'Flying Scotsman'.

To see the superb complete collection of photographs, sent to us by countless photographs who attended during the week, visit the  "Flying Scotsman on the KWVR" photograph album on Flickr.

We showcase below just a small collection of those being displayed in the album plus two of many videos on YouTube.

INGROW: 'Flying Scotsman' on display at Ingrow at the end of the day 60103_Ingrow DAY 1: Cylinder drain cocks open sending debris on the track scattering in all directions, the 10.00 departure from Haworth bursts out from under Bridgehouse Lane bridge on the 3rd April to get proceedings under way. 60103_Day-1 DAY 2: Having left Haworth behind, 60103 pushes on to Oxenhope late in the afternoon. 60103_Day-2 DAY 3: Having past 43924 on the service train, 'Flying Scotsman heads to Oakworth. 60103_Day-3 DAY 4: Harking to it's past. 60103 passes Bell Isle, Haworth, reminiscent of passing Belle Isle, London on its journey north out of Kings Cross. 60103_Day-4 DAY 5: Passengers wait to board the first train of the day at Oxenhope. 60103_Day-5 DAY 6: Under blue cloudless skies, 'Flying Scotsman' powers out up Keighley Bank. 60103_Day-6 DAY 7: Final day, the day is warming up and 60103 shows little exhaust as it passes non-stop through Oakworth. 60103_Day-7

In addition to photographs there has been some excellent footage posted on YouTube, with these two from Steaming Around Yorkshire and Penny Steam just a sample of what is available on the YouTube channel.

60103-video_1 Video_3

For all the images collected of the Oxenhope to Carlisle Special visit our Flickr page.