Lineside Photographic Permit

To be allowed out onto the Trackside to take your favourite shot, you must be both a member and in the possession of a valid Lineside Photographic Permit


The Keighley & Worth Valley Railway have a strictly enforced policy towards allowing photographers onto the Railway’s land in pursuit of that perfect shot.

If you are a photographer, aged 16 or over, you are welcome to take photographs from the lineside provided you are a member of the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway Preservation Society and hold a current annual lineside photography pass.

Lineside passes are valid for ONE year from the date of issue and cost £20. If you are not a member then it will be necessary to apply for membership in addition to the cost of your photographers permit.

New passes and renewal of existing passes are to be applied for a minimum of 4 weeks in advance.

When you apply for your lineside photography pass, you will receive a copy of the Railway’s Photographer’s Personal Safety Handbook. This has to be read, understood and a Personal Safety Self-assessment Form completed to ensure applicants fully understand the implications of venturing out onto Railway property. In addition EVERY photographer MUST wear an ORANGE high visibility vest or jacket and carry their lineside pass at all times.

For more details about obtaining a lineside pass and to receive your application form, Photographer’s Personal Safety Handbook, Personal Safety Self-assessment Form and Conditions of Use, e-mail with the subject header, Lineside Photographic Permit or contact Haworth Station office during opening hours 09.30 – 16.30.

Flying Scotsman 3rd – 9th April 2017

With crowd control a priority and to prevent trespass ont o the Railway during this spectacular event, those with photo permits who wish to use them during the week of the visit of ‘Flying Scotsman’, we will be charging a one-off fee.

This contribution will cover the cost of special Hi-Viz vests, which will assist us with policing line-side access during the week of the visit. Due to the potential numbers visiting we did consider withdrawing passes altogether to help avoid any issues with managing line-side access. However we have been able avoid to this by issuing special vests, supported by plans for strict policing of access during the week. Of course, if there are any problems we reserve the right to withdraw such access, but hope that such action will not be required.

The fee of £25 that we are charging photo permit holders will cover the cost of the Hi-Viz as well as make a contribution toward the cost of the event, whilst allowing our photo permit holders to capture what we hope will become a very special event in the Preservation Society’s history.

Applications for the special access photo permit and vest can be made to the Administration Office at Haworth.

Please do note that anyone who is line-side without the special Hi-Viz AND their K&WVR photo permit will be removed. The special permit and special clothing will be valid for the entire period of Flying Scotsman’s visit and is non-transferable.