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50th Anniversary Gala

Event date: 1 July 2018

So you don’t miss this once in a generation celebration, put the dates in your diary.

This is an event that both the public and enthusiasts will not want to miss. EIGHT days of celebration are likely to produce the most spectacular Gala the Railway has organised since the opening day in June 1968.

Our 50th Anniversary is a week long celebration showcasing all that we’ve done as a Railway over the last 50 years, from humble beginnings with smaller engines, to bigger locos and even diesels.

The event will see the return of a ‘Diesel Gala’ style day, along with Vintage Trains, Little Engines and some iconic visiting locomotives – all with a connection to the KWVR in some way.

A recreation of the ‘Re-opening Special’ will take place on Friday 29th June, intending to have one of the original re-opening day locomotives at its head, Ivatt 2-6-2T 41241 resplendent in LMS Maroon livery, just as it carried in 1968, and now almost complete at the end of its overhaul.

The 8 days of celebration will finish with a “diesel gala” event, a week long Gala to please all audiences.

Details of the event can be seen HERE >>>.