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The Train Game is the ideal SATs revision aid of knowledge and understanding across the Science and/or Mathematics curriculum. It provides a fun and competitive medium for reinforcing key concepts incorporating the benefits of peer scaffolding.

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Choose whether to answer question about maths or science and work in teams to get to the end of the railway line.  Pupils will work together to play this giant board game. One pupil from each team will act as the train on the game board and together with their team they will compete with their classmates to win the game by answering question from across the National Curriculum. This is an ideal activity to help consolidate learning and understanding aiding in revision prior to SATs, or as a fun but educational end of school year treat.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Reinforcement of key concepts throughout the national curriculum on a subject specific basis.
  • Enhancement and enrichment of learning through the engagement and motivation of game play.

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