Exploring & Investigating

Investigation, deduction and reasoning are essential cross curricular skills which allow learners to employ critical thinking, alongside articulating their findings. Our Exploring and Investigating workshop allows learners to practice these skills in an exciting and interesting way.

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Be like Sherlock Holmes and use your investigative skills to solve a murder most horrid. Lord Worth, the local mill and land owner, has been murdered in one of the carriages, but the perpetrator is still in the village. It is up to you to act as detectives, searching for clues and evidence in the carriages and establish, who the murderer is and the motives behind this dastardly act.

This workshop provides a context specific setting and helps develop investigative skills and encourage critical thinking.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Use deductive and reasoning skills to solve the mystery.
  • Work collaboratively to search for and use evidence.
  • Use information methodically and articulate findings.

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