Diesel Railcar Service

For a very different experience to a journey behind one of our steam locomotives, take a the diesel railcar service (when running) and see the line and the Worth Valley countryside as the driver sees it.

On Saturday mornings, some Wednesdays at various times of the year and other occasional services, the steam fleet of the KWVR gives way to our diesel Railcar service.

Sat in our ‘normal’ carriages you only see a side-on view of the Worth Valley but when taking one of our diesel Railcar services, you get a bird’s eye view out of the front (or rear) windows of the train and you can see what the driver sees. Travelling on these trains give passengers a whole new perspective of the line and the Worth Valley that surrounds it.

We have two types of diesel railcars in operation.

Firstly, from the early days of diesel operation on British Railways in the 1950s, we have a single car 4-wheel diesel railbus, built for lightly used lines in the countryside. For more information about our diesel railcar, Read More >>>


Our other operational railcar is a 2 coach diesel multiple unit, once very commonly seen in use throughout the country, both in our cities and towns on commuter routes and out in the country serving rural communities. For more information about our Class 101 diesel multiple unit, Read More >>>